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thenooraniqaida.com is an online resource and community dedicated to becoming a trusted source of content for Noorani Qaida and the Quran. The site is updated in every-time due to a large and constantly growing user base. You can also become a member of thenooraniqaida.com.

contains reviews, ratings, images, support materials, translations, and session reports from Noorani Qaida, a Quran learner around the world.

We are passionate about Islamic education. We love to learn them, we love to think about them and we love to write about them. Yes, we love our learners. We do not hesitate to express our impartial opinion, without any comments and other things, so you will definitely know what we think about the Noorani Qaida that we write about here. Everyone who can participate in this project is doing it exclusively on a voluntary basis.

Should you need to any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us –

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