Ayat e Sakina: Benefits In English With Urdu Translation pdf

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“Ayat E Sakina” is the name given to a collection of special verses (jamaa) of some surahs of the Qur’an which are presented below. The word ‘Sakina’ means ‘soothing’. However, these verses are also called Sakinat. Sakina which means soothing. They are considered to be the source of peace and tranquility and they provide protection from evil forces.

Ayat-E-Sakina is verses that can be recited after every prayer. These verses have many benefits for human beings and these verses should be read regularly in one’s life. These verses were revealed by Allah to the Holy Prophet (saws).

In these verses, Allah tells us about various things which are beneficial for us such as patience, gratitude, knowledge, etc. These verses will strengthen our faith in Allah and help us to develop good habits in our lives.

There are many reasons to read these verses regularly, including:

1) It helps us maintain our health and protect against diseases.

2) It increases our faith in God and makes us more obedient to Him.

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Ayat e Sakina Meaning

The word “Ayat” means “signs.” The word “Sakina” means “soothing.” The meaning of all these verses is to give soothing. The collection of special verses (Jama) of some surahs of the Qur’an which is presented below, is known as Ayat-e-Sakina.

These verses are usually recited at night time and during the time of Fajr prayer. These are also recited in Wazoo (ablution), before going to sleep, after waking up from sleep, and during a journey.

The main purpose of these verses is to give coins or wealth to those who recite them with faith and sincerity so that they can use them wisely in the service of humanity.

The collection consists of many verses that are said to have miraculous powers. They are recited during prayer and when performing other Islamic activities.

Many Muslims believe that these verses can protect them from evil forces and bring them good luck.

In this collection, there are two types of Ayat: one type protects against the effects of black magic while another type protects against evil spirits. It is believed that if an individual reads these verses daily with true devotion, he will be protected from all kinds of evil influences and will have peace in his life.

Ayat e Sakina Benefits

There are innumerable virtues and benefits of reciting these verses. Some are mentioned here.

Sakina is a very powerful verse of the Qur’an, which has the power to get you out of every trouble.

These are verses of the Qur’an which can be read at any time to get rid of any trouble. It is the most effective treatment for all kinds of ailments and problems.

Sakina’s verses are very experienced in curing all kinds of incurable (dangerous) diseases.

To get rid of every difficulty and trouble, recitation of verses of Sakina is beneficial.

The recitation of verses of Sakina is very helpful in getting rid of the problems of sustenance and debts.

The verses of Sakina are very helpful in removing the barriers and obstacles of marriage. The process of reciting verses is very useful to get relief from the restlessness of the heart.

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