Dua e Masura: Meaning And Benefits in English, Urdu, And Arabic

dua e masura

Do you know the Duas that are said to be Dua e Masura? If you’re unfamiliar with the meaning of “Dua e Masura,” it means a dua which is from the Holy Quran or one that is told by Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ). This type of dua is recited in the last Rakat of every … Read more

Bismillah: Meaning & Benefits In English, Urdu & Arabic

bismillah hir rahman nir raheem

Bismillah-Hir-Rahman-Nir-Raheem Bismillah is a phrase that shows the importance of reverence and reverence for God’s name. This is a simple dua/prayer that you can say before starting any good deed, even from prayer to doing your deeds. it was revealed at the beginning of every chapter except one! It is also known as Surah Tawbah … Read more

Innallaha Ma Sabireen: Ayat Meaning & Benefits in English, Urdu & Arabic

innallaha ma sabireen

Innallaha Ma Sabireen The phrase Innallaha ma Sabireen Ayat is a popular Arabic phrase that means “Allah is with those who are patient.” It comes from the Quran, and it’s present in Surah Baqarah ayat number 153. This verse is one of the most well-known and prominent ayat of the Holy Book, and it’s known … Read more

Fabi Ayyi Ala I Rabbikuma Tukazziban: Meaning In English

what is the meaning of Fabi ayyi ala i rabbikuma tukazziban? FABI AYYI ALA I RABBIKUMA TUKAZZIBAN this verse is from surah Ar-Rahman of the Quran and this complete ayat meaning of the (Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?). but here in this article will be known about this verse … Read more

What Does Tajweed Mean, Importance & Rules in English

what does tajweed mean, importance & rules in English

what does tajweed mean in English? (what does tajweed mean), Tajweed is an Arabic term meaning “to do good”. Tajweed is a set of principles that help us to read the Qur’anic text in the best way. Tajweed is not a subject in itself. Tajweed is a technique used in conjunction with the rules of … Read more

Transliteration Of Ayatul Kursi in English-Benefits And Meaning

ayatul kursi dua meaning & benefits

Ayatul Kursi Dua is the most recited and popular surah in the Quran. It is a short, but powerful, surah that was revealed to Muhammad (ﷺ) in a night of intense revelation. The surah is named after its opening verse, which proclaims: “In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.” Ayatul Kursi Dua … Read more