Manzil dua: Benefits For Black Magic pdf-Read Online

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what is manzil dua?

Manzil dua is very beneficial When evil effects of magic are done on somebody. This Dua contains 33 Ayaat and short Surahs from the Quran that are to be recited as a means of protection and antidote – Ruqya from Black Magic, Jinn, Witchcraft, Sihr, Sorcery, Evil Eye, and the like.

The Dua is prescribed to be read one or three times in one sitting. This may be performed once or twice a day (in the latter case once in the morning and once in the evening).

This dua is the best cure for magic and evil effects. This dua is so powerful for removing every kind of sickness. This dua is beneficial for protection against Jinns and Magic.

Benefits of Manzil Dua

manzil dua’s book has a lot of benefits but here is describing some most important benefits of manzil dua. that means how many times read this dua and can get benefits. here you can easily read and understand it.

Benefits of Manzil Dua recited 1 time – It is said that if anyone recites this dua1-time then Protection against Jinns – Black Magic – Sihr – Sorcery – Evil Eye and the like.

Benefits of manzil dua recited 3 times – All Physical and Spiritual troubles, and diseases will be eliminated.

Benefits of manzil dua recited 7 times – daily keeps all kinds of difficulties away from you until the next seven days.

Manzil is beneficial not only for curing influences of magic but also helpful against physical illness. For removing black magic if this dua is recited 7 times in the morning and night it will be beneficial not only for curing magic but also for physical illness.

This dua takes in Quran together in one place because most difficult for everyone to search in Quran and read it easily. so the help for those people who search this dua. Because this dua contains the following verses of the Quran: (comprises many ayaat and short surahs mention the name below list )

1-Surah Al-Fatihah (chapter 1): verses 1 to 7

2- Surah Al-Bakarah (chapter 2): verses 1 to 5, 163, 255 to 257, and 284 to 286

3- Surah Al-Imran (chapter 3): verses 18, 26 and 27

4- Surah Al-A’araf (chapter 7): verses 54 to 56

5- Surah Al-Israa (chapter 17): verses 110 and 111

6- Surah Al-Muminoon (chapter 23): verses 115 to 118

7- Surah Al-Saaffaat (chapter 37): verses 1 to 11

8- Surah Al-Rehman (chapter 55): verses 33 to 40

9- Surah Al-Hashr (chapter 59): verses 21 to 24

10- Surah Al-Jinn (chapter 72): verses 1 to 4

11- Surah Al-Kaafiroon (chapter 109): verses 1 to 6

12- Surah Al-Ikhlas (chapter 112): verses 1 to 4

13- Surah Al-Falaq (chapter 113): verses 1 to 5

14- Surah Al-Naas (chapter 114): verses 1 to 6

Manzil Dua In pdf

manzil dua in pdf available on this site. you can easily save it in pdf form on mobile, tablet, and laptop. one of the most benefits of manzil dua is when you download manzil dua in pdf form. you can easily access it offline anytime, anywhere, and when you want to recite this dua.

Because everyone can’t memorize this dua so easily method of this dua is saved in a pdf. if you want to be read online so we are uploading manzil dua full in images form. so you can read it here or save it here. if you are not able to read this dua so you can save manzil dua audio or video where you can take help with these tips.

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