What is manzil Dua?

Manzil is the name given to a collection of 33 verses taken from different parts of the Quran.

To be recited manzil dua for healing and protection from many negative spiritual influences on a daily basis.

And protect yourself from the evil effects of magic, black magic, evil eye, jinn and all bad things.

one recites this dua 1 time, protection from jinn - black magic - witchcraft - evil eye, and others like it.

What are Benefits Of manzil dua?

If any one recites Manzil Dua 3 times - will remove all physical and spiritual problems and diseases.

If any one recites Manzil Dua 7 times daily keeps all kinds of difficulties away for the next seven days.

If anyone recites Manzil Dua daily for marriage problems, all problems will be solved inshallah in a days.